Monday, 7 January 2013

GoodHomes Cool for Kids

Here is some of my Recent styling work for the GoodHomes Febuary Issue 2013.
Photography by Max Attenborough

I am in love with this Retro Barbour board from Rose & Grey.

A big thankyou to Papermash, Magpie Miller, Heart zeena, The shop at number 57, Seventy tree & Love lime for letting us use your Lovely products! To see more check out This Months Goodhomes.
Photography by Max Attenborough


  1. Lovely! Yellow is my favourite colour and it looks so great mixed with those black, white and gray shades. I'm really liking that desk and chair. x

  2. I love the colors in those rooms - yellow and grey are the perfect pair!

  3. such sweet inspirations! love the colours a lot!
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. A-ma-zing! I absolutely adore this (I think I may have pinned it!)
    Will definitely be using these colours when I decorate!

  5. So cute room for kiddos. I'll suggest this theme for my little cousin's room.

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